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Luxury Scented Massage Candle Just Lavender


For Calmness and Relaxation...

A luxury scented massage candle Just Lavender. A candle to really indulge your senses with a beautiful smell and gentle touch. Just dip your fingers (or pour into the palm of your hand) into the melted oil and massage into the skin letting this glorious scent linger.

Just Gorgeous and A Perfect Gift... This beautiful high quality essential oil candle ranks high on the luxury stakes. It has a wonderful heady scent of lavender perfect for calmness and relaxation. This vegan candle would be lovely to use in a bedroom with a soothing scent that will lull you to sleep or the bathroom for total relaxation and is one of life's favourite scents.

This is a true scent of lavender and the warm oil is often use to massage into the temple region and pulse points to aid sleep or into the joints to ease joint pain.

The candle will burn cleanly for up to 50 hours, the votive for up to 30 hours and the tealights up to 8 hours each. Please practise the safe use of candles - never leave candles to burn unattended and extinguish the flame properly.

This scented massage, vegan candle is uniquely manufactured from a natural plant source which, as a raw material, is both sustainable and kind to the environment. It uses natural products and is not produced from petroleum based paraffin wax (mineral wax), animal or beeswax products. The luxury vegan candles are naturally coloured and scented with essential oils and fragrances and contain no petroleum based dyes. The candles burn cleanly to the bottom and afterwards the glass container can be used as a drinking glass.

For more enticing aromas see our other massaging Floral scented candles, Lily and Wild Flowers. Just Jasmine is also a soothing scented massage candle that is a great partner to Just Lavender.

Why Buy Me

A luxury scented (and massage) candle made from high quality products and as natural as they can be. Hand poured and blended in the UK, these candles have long burn times, are ethically produced and are fantastic value for money.

Beautifully scented that lasts right to the very end. A purchase that you'll be delighted with - trust us.

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