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Add functional fun to your walls, pergolas, sheds and fences with unusal, posh and quirky bird houses, bird seed feeders, bat boxes and insect hotels into your gardens and exterior design.

From a window box to a large garden, there’s joy to be had from landscaping and gardening whatever outdoor space we have.

Whether you prefer the minimalist approach, cottage garden, contemporary architectural design, or natural meadow planting, a selection of stylish ornaments and surprise elements add interest and visual accents to your garden space.

We particularly like functional items such as unusual and posh bird houses, pretty bird seed feeders, quirky bat boxes and colourful insect hotels.

Our fun selection of bird boxes and feeders will add shape, colour and interest to your garden and exterior design, and importantly you’ll being doing wonders for our precious garden birds and wildlife throughout the chill winter months.

Wooden wall mounted bird house and feeder
Colourful and quirky recycled garden bird houses

Why you need to keep your bird feeders topped up through the warmer months…

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the flowers are in glorious bloom! But don’t forget to leave food out for your tweet garden friends.

To maintain good health, feather condition, and support their young through the breeding season, it’s important that garden birds obtain protein, fat, and water. Putting out seeds, fruit, and peanut butter or bacon fat on feeders will provide excellent sources of nutrients.

Heart shaped hanging garden bird seed feeder
House shaped hanging garden bird seed feeder