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It feels like nature is waking up again at the moment and we are all in the process of spring cleaning our homes. The sunlight does have a nasty habit of showing up those dusty nooks, doesn't it? As we look at our homes in a new light we also turn our attention to our outdoor spaces.

Whether you have a garden, yard or balcony, there is a lot you can do to make your outdoor space an external reflection of your home. A few decorative pieces around nature's own furniture will add to the pleasantness of your space.

Did you know that spending time outdoors can help with mental health too? 

Here are ways to get your spring garden ready, no matter what the size.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are perfect for outdoor planting and storage. We think they look great with flowers or summer fruits planted inside. Their depth allows the roots to go deep so if you haven't got space to dig, these will give you that option.

We have lots of options for wicker baskets, in a range of sizes and prices. We really take pride in the quality of our wicker, which means that have the strength and longevity that you don't always find on the market.

Square Wicker Basket

Flower Pots and Planters

Smaller pots and planters give your spring garden a fresh look. Cluster them up into groups and plant with flowers and aromatic herbs to bring all your senses to life.

Flower pots and planters

Wooden garden planter



If you are not particularly green-fingered but you still love to sit out and enjoy the spring garden air, these ornaments make a lovely addition to your outdoor space and need no watering or feeding.

animal ornaments

heart ball ornament

Garden Furniture

Once you've done all of the hard work, you now need to sit back and enjoy your spring garden. Here are our specially selected pieces of garden furniture.

Rattan Chairs

White rattan stools