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As we experience our first chill of the season and start inspecting those woolly hats and mittens, you might also find yourself looking around for some new winter storage. We like to think of this time of year as preparing for hibernation. Getting our homes ready for the Christmas visitors, appreciating that we'll spend more time indoors.

As we start to look around us we see that having the best storage systems can be the difference between a cluttered house and one that sparks joy.

With this in mind, we've round up our best wicker storage baskets for the coming winter months.

Log Baskets

While some of our larger wicker baskets can be used indoors, we like to look after our smaller spaces too. These are perfect for storing wood for the log burner, the odd blanket, or cushions. Baskets to keep you toasty.

Wicker log baskets

Log baskets for winter


Stylish Storage

Add some pizzazz to your storage with these baskets. Perfect for towels, the odd toys from the big guy in the red suit, or to hide that bottle of sherry from your nan.

stylish storage


best baskets


Knick-Knack Storage

We all have knick-knack around our homes. The best thing to do is to hide it away in something pretty. We think these hit that note.

New season storage

Winter season storage

Tip of the week:

Basket measurements are of the outer edge of the basket. It may not reflect the space available inside. Sometimes the thickness of the wicker can take up to 8cm from the inner space. You'll want to check your basket is the right size for where you are going to store it and how you are going to use it.

If you want to know how to get the most out of your wicker baskets then we've got you covered. We have put our decades of wicker knowledge (and just a little pinch of obsession), into this handy guide.


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10 ways to care for your wicker basket