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Interior trends change on a slower pace to the fashion industry but each season sees a new take on key themes that you’ll start to see in magazines and online.

And while here at DesRes Home we like to consider our products as for-keeps that doesn’t mean they cannot also be on-trend. Like Yves St Laurent said:

Therefore, if you have a few key pieces in your home, you can change them around as your tastes change. And the right pieces will look right no matter what interior fashion dictates.

AW 2019/20

Over the past few weeks, Nicki Massey, owner and creative mastermind behind DesRes Home, has been out at shows getting a taste for the latest interior trends this season.

Here is are the themes you’ll start to notice in the magazines along with our current key pieces.


Our love of animals shows no sign of disappearing over this season. In fact, it is going to get bolder. Think big, bright colours and tropical prints to go alongside your favourites in the animal kingdom.

Parrots are going to be grand and bold this season. We’re going to see bright colours, faux taxidermy and animals used in some unusual ways in interiors.

Black Parrot Lamp

1920s Glamour

Keep looking to prohibition-era United States for the ultimate in interior luxury style. There’s going to be lots of gold, geometry, and most of all, glamour.

You’re going to want to channel your inner Jay Gatsby and get those cocktail glasses clinking.

Get the look

And finally...

As we’re getting in the full swing of 1920s prohibition, we thought we’d share Team DesRes’s favourite cocktail recipes.

Consigliere Massey’s Mojito

No one is allowed to turn down one of Nicki Massey's infamous mojitos. Enjoyed best when watching the sunset over a beach but the Worcestershire countryside is a close second.

60ml of your favourite white rum

Juice of 1 lime

1tsp granulated sugar

Fresh mint leaves


Crush the lime, sugar and mint in a jug. Use the bottom of a rolling pin in you need to. Pop this into your glass, pour over the rum and top up with soda water.

Capo Jacqui’s Pornstar Martini

If you blush easily, you can also call this a passionfruit martini. Blushing is not something our Jacqui is prone to.

60 ml vanilla vodka

30ml passoa

1tbsp lime juice

1 tbsp sugar syrup

2 pomegranates (halved)


Scoop the seeds from one passion fruit into your cocktail shaker. Add the vodka, passoa, lime, and sugar. Give it a good shake and pour into your martini glasses. Top up with prosecco and place half a pomegranate on top.

Associate Brennan's Dark and Stormy

Our resident content manager can often be found in the local dive bar enjoying a dark and stormy. If you see her do say, "there is no such thing as too much black in a wardrobe." Don't say, "have you heard the new Taylor Swift song?"

50ml dark rum

25ml fresh lime juice

2 dashes of bitters

100ml ginger beer

Pour it into a highball glass with plenty of ice. Wedge of lime on top for your daily vit c.