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Impress your friends and family with your table setting as much as with the food you serve this Easter. Learn how to create a stunning dinner table setting that will wow your guests. Whether you are serving your meal family-style (big sharing bowls in the middle of the table) or plating up for each person, we've got you covered in this table setting guide.

To cover or not to cover

Let's start with the table itself.

If your table top is tip top then you may want to let it shine on the day of your dinner. Pop the kids onto a small side table so you can reduce the chance of spillages, keep your mop-up cloths to hand and let your tabletop do its thing.

If your table is lived-in and looking worn, then get a stunning table cloth to cover it. A simple cover can brighten your dining room and give it a new lease of life.  It creates a blank canvas for you to start laying down the rest of your settings.

Butterfly Table Cloth

Or you might be somewhere in between the two. This is where having a table runner can come in useful. You get to show off your table while also protecting it from any heat marks.

Table Runner


What goes into the centre of your table is the focal point for all of your guests. You want to make this look stunning but ensure that it isn't too tall. You want your diners to be able to talk to each other without trying to peer around or above large objects.

A bowl or display tray can be filled with ornaments or fruits.

Stone Fish Dish

If you are going to go for flowers, get a clear vase to display them to keep the brightness of the setting.

Large Glass Vase

Or if you really want to make a statement, go for something a little more dramatic. You will need to plan to plate up for this one.

Antler Candlestick

Plates and placement

To get your food looking at its best, use white or light coloured plates.  Chuck out your chipped plates and make sure there's enough to match for all of your guests.

White Dinner Plate

Top Tip: cutlery goes from the outside in. You want your main course cutlery to be nearest the plate and cutlery for earlier courses placed on the outside of these.

Pop your dessert forks to the top of the plates. Forks go to the left, knives and spoons to the right. Place your glasses to the right too.

Chalk Placemat

Slip a place mat down first and you're almost there.

Serving up

We know that we eat with our eyes just as much as with our mouths, therefore how you serve your food needs special attention. Platters and serving plates work well. Place them in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves if you have space.

Fish Serving Plate

A wooden chopping board works just as well, too.

Wooden Chopping Board

Grab your napkins and you're good to go. Check out some tutorials online if you want to add a napkin fold.

Then let the feasting begin!