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The Nordics are known for their style. Scandinavian interiors are synonymous with functional furniture, stylish accessories and a clean, minimal look. These are the countries which gave us hygge, lagom, and fika also produced a distinct look to furniture (plus a distinct blue furniture store) and the delightful kalsarikannit from Finland which translates roughly into ‘pants-drunk’.

You get the idea. These are nations which value functional design, comfort, and home entertaining. It is as much about the feeling of the home as it is about the look.

Getting the ‘look’ or mise-en-scene right is key to crafting a scandi-style home. Whether you choose to bring in more country cottage elements with delicate lace and fabric, decide to keep it minimal with geometric shapes or mix natural materials with metals for a more industrial look, there are common features which make your space look Scandinavian.


Clear lighting


You want to make bright, light spaces in your rooms. The best way to do this is to accentuate as much natural light in the room as possible. If you are not lucky enough to have large, bright windows then adding in mirrors to your bright walls will help create a sense of more light.

Next, think about your interior lights. You want warm and bright light bulbs. Do not be afraid to leave the bulb exposed in glass or steel.

Geometric and clean lines work well for pendant lights. Even if you are going for a monochrome look, make sure to mix your shades of colour to create depth.

Lamps and lights

You want lights at many levels so add in a floor lamp, wall lamp or table lamp. There are many options depending on the final look you want to achieve. These white table lamps are great for creating a country Scandinavian look. You can see them working with lots of grey textiles, embroidered touches and the odd splash of bright colour.

Whereas these ski lamps are a nod to the winter weather of the outdoors and create a more classic lodge-look.


For a truly stunning scandi-home you want to expose your flooring. Think rugs over exposed flooring, with rattan baskets and footstools dotted around.

Don’t forget to include the dog’s favourite resting place.

Natural Materials

You want to make sure you have a wide selection of natural materials in your home. Use lots of wood, rattan, and soft furnishings. Blend your natural materials with metal and other greys.

These chopping boards really complement the geometric cups and trays in the kitchen-diner area. See how they use the natural wood with the greys.

Scandi-style accessories


Ethical and eco products made from reclaimed or sustainable materials are a key part of a Scandinavian home.

Neutral Colour Palette

You can still be bold with splashes of colour in a room that works with neutral colours. Muted palettes will help build up a country look.

Mixing bold monochromes will give you a more industrial look.

Adding in bright colours works well in clean, bright rooms that are minimal.

Plants, plants and more plants

Vases scandi style

Lots of greenery will add texture and colour to any scandi-style room. Add your pot plants at different heights throughout your room and let them drape over the sides of shelves.

You will want your plants in pots that accentuate your colour scheme. Again, use a mix of materials and textures.