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2018 will bring all things bright and beautiful, including grey, which is the newest, most popular interior colour. Dark grey, light grey, warm grey, blue grey- every nuance of grey! Interior designers love this spectrum, since grey has the power to magically enhance other colours and textures. Grey interior and wooden accents are set to stay!

Metallic details juxtaposed with the right tone of grey will glisten brighter, and a vibrant colour next to mid-to-dark grey will burst brighter. Organics like wood, appear more textured and beautiful, as well as white next to grey seeming crisper and more chic.

The main foundation for many schemes is wood, as it gives a room substance and soul. When incorporating wood into your home, it is best to go with paler, grey Scandinavian tones of wood for a more sophisticated look- rather than the more orangey/darker tones.

Grey Interiors & Metallic Accents

The wooden stools, the metallic golden accents on the cupboard edges and on the interior of the pendant lighting really make a statement, due to the different tones of grey melding together. This kitchen design is the perfect example of bringing together shades of grey which harmonise well.

Grey Interiors & Colour

Is your style subtle or bold? The beauty of grey is that you can use it to enhance either design! In this sitting area, a blue-grey mid tone has been used which is a dramatic colour; it pushes forward the other colours and textures placed in front of it. The yellow of the chair explodes with vibrancy and lends a richness to a minimally dressed room.

However, do not fear! You don’t need to fully commit to grey walls if it’s not your desired style. Instead, try bringing grey tones into your room scheme via statement lighting, home accessories and accents.

Grey Accents In Your Home

The stunning barn light on the left from DesRes Home makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen or dining space, due to the dramatic anthracite grey which creates a strong silhouette, which is accented perfectly by the leather strap- adding a rustic sophistication. This pendant lights features will really pop’ against dark grey.

These placemats from DesRes Home on the right are an easy, simple way of introducing grey into your home – showing that you are “trend-aware” without blowing the budget. These quirky items are full of fun as there is a small chalkboard in the centre of the placemat where you can write a diner’s name, or a funny message for the kids.

Introduce grey via shelving – either with grey washed wood or grey brackets like these Felt Merino Wool Shelf Brackets.

Wall art is a fabulous way of introducing dramatic grey and colour contrasts without too much commitment or decoration disruption. Here at DesRes Home, we are in love with this painting by Miranda Scozek. The deep coloured background is vivid against the contrast of the bright whites, pinks and blues of the whimsical rabbit.

grey interior

For those who do want a sensational dark grey wall, it doesn’t get more rich and luxuriant than the gorgeous wall colour below.

Grey Walls

There are so many shades of grey, some with blue hues, some with chocolate hues, taupe hues, mauve hues… no wonder choosing the right shade proves a challenge! If you are not overly confident about which tone to choose, but you would still like the drama of a monochrome room scheme- then this wall panel from DesRes Home does all the hard work for you.

Simply paste to walls and introduce some leather and wood, and the odd pop of colour accent and you’ll have a very sophisticated room scheme.