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The Team at DesRes Home work hard to recycle and be as environmentally friendly and charitable as possible within the boundaries that our business parameters will allow.

One of the issues we firmly believe in is the recycling of packaging and that's why you will receive your order in used cardboard boxes and containers with used (and sometimes a little new) packaging. In a business like ours we receive huge amounts of packaging product so why not put the best to good use? So yes, you may find yourself wondering what you've ordered when the box arrives, but thankfully our pink branded tape will give the game away. Don't be concerned though as this second hand packaging doesn't affect in any way, the first class quality of all our stock.

What else do we do? Well, we've created a small list below to give you an insight.

  • We use energy efficient light bulbs throughout our offices and turn them on only when needed
  • DesRes Home only sends essential paper work in any order - a shipping document and returns information, everything else is sent by email, so please always check your spam!
  • Any paper that isn't required isn't thrown away. Believe it or not we shred it in a criss cross shredder and the bits are used as bedding for our chickens then composted
  • Pallets are re used or given away to a good home
  • Damaged stock if broken and ceramic is broken into smaller pieces and used in the bottom of garden pots for drainage
  • Other inperfect stock is either sold in the sale category of the website at greatly reduced prices, sent to car boots, given to charity or needy individuals to help furnish their homes
  • We've delivered parcels up and down the country FOC. If one of the team happens to be travelling to an area where a parcel is going then we will hand deliver or meet up with the customer. Why have two vehicles going to the same place when one can do it - saves on the carbon foot print!
  • We do care about the items we purchase and where they're made. The closer to home the better and we support Fairtrade and sustainability as much as possible. Our candles are a great example of this - pure ingredients in recycleable containers from sustainable forests.
  • We will always tell you on the product descriptions on our website if the item is sourced locally, Fairtrade, charitable or assisting the more impoverished people in our world
  • DesRes do make charitable donations (on a charity by charity basis) and supports local area events.

So now you can see what we do behind the scenes. As we do more we'll add to the list and keep you updated.

Thank you for shopping at DesResDesign, we really do appreciate your business.