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When your living space is starting to feel a bit tired, you don't always need to reach for the paintbrush to make it feel fresh again. There are ways you can make your home seem revitalised by making a few simple changes and now is the time to do it as you start your spring clean.

Change the layout

Have you ever found that when you move furniture around, you can see a room in a different light? Changing the perspective of the room can give you a new viewpoint, scenery which you've never noticed before. And if you don't like it, you can put it right back to how it was without having ever spent a penny.

Look to the lights

Pendant lights

Your lighting choices set the mood for your room. Finding the right shade for your light can mean you change how you use that room. A shade that pushes the light upwards and creates more of a shadow-atmosphere can make your space seem warm, cosy and comforting.

Although it is not so good for seeing what you eat.  Whereas a downlight will brighten up spots of the room, perfect for over the dining room table.

Showing off your vintage lightbulbs can make a statement about your home style (and your ability to keep on top of the dusting). Never has the humble lightbulb been so well displayed as right now, with bare bulb lights and geometric glass shades.

Clear lighting

Finally, think of how you can change your room with floor lighting. You might have the perfect cosy setting for your living room but snuggling up with a good book requires the right floor lamp to do so. Think about the style and colour that will accent your current room.


Change the light and you can change the whole space.


A few well-placed decorative items in the home can make all the difference to the look of your room. Think of it as your room's accessories. When you get dressed up to go out, you know that what pulls your outfit together are a few well-chosen accessories. The same is true for your living space. Those little extras really pull the room together and are an easy way to make your home feel like it has a new look.


One of our favourite tips is to rotate your decorative items throughout the year. This is a super simple way to make changes to your living space.

Berti the dog

What is your favourite way to update your space without reaching for the paint? Let us know.

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