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If you’ve ever moved house, or even rearranged a room in your house, you will know that when you see a room from a fresh perspective, it can look like a new room altogether.

We get used to our rooms and all of the things in them. In fact, we can stop noticing our homes unless we give them a refresh on a regular basis. And a seasonal refresh does not have to mean spending lots on new accessories or furniture.

Here at DesRes Home, we think that it small changes can make a huge difference to how a room looks and feels. Changing your lampshades can make your room seem more spacious or cosy.

Re-arranging your bookshelf can give the impression of having more space.

Seasonal refresh of home

Top refresh tip

But perhaps our favourite tip is to change your photos on a seasonal basis.

We take the time and effort to print out our photos and frame them. Then we admire them for a while before they become part of the furniture and we don’t give them a second glance.

Yet, if we use the changing of the season as a prompt to change the photos in our frames, then we give our rooms a fresh focus. Something new to look at and admire.

It’s such a simple change that doesn’t take up much time or cost you anything more than the frames and photo printing. Yet it can make a big difference to the look and feel of your room or hallway.

Give it a try

Select some images that have beautiful autumnal colours. Use one of those landscape shots you took from this time last year or your favourite summer snap. If you have children or grandchildren, add these in from a range of ages so you can see how they’ve grown.

Take a moment to go back through your photos and choose one from another angle or location.

You can group your frames together to create a bigger montage of images. Use prints to break up the family shots.

Group your frames using the same colours or styles. Or select a palette that either complements each other or give bright contrast.


If you’re adding new frames to your wall rather than simply changing images, lay the frames out on the floor first to get the right layout before you pop the nail in the wall (or use those excellent sticky strips).

Perhaps you have images scattered around the house. Take one room at a time and collate the photos together.

Then set a reminder in your diary to repeat the whole exercise just before Christmas. Sit back and enjoy your new look rooms.