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Creating a themed look for your home is one of the best ways to ensure your living space is timeless and stylish.  Achieve the perfect coastal look with our guide.

Picture the scene

Your coastal home, old in its years with a weather-beaten look, hidden on a rough track or maybe nestled near a rocky cove. The rooms inside are small and full of charm with aged beams and flagstones laid solidly on the floor.  The warm glow of embers on the fire.

In the cold weather, you hunker down in the rich cosiness of the room. You are surrounded by warm muted colours, rustic textures, and carefully selected interior accessories.

Warm Colours

Coastal can often be overloaded with blues and whites but adding some warm colours to complement this will make your space seem cosy and, well, warmer. Less sea breeze and more campfire by the beach.

Bird table lamp


Rustic Wood

You can select some rustic wooden lamps, such as the two below for a more scandi-look to your coastal home. Or select a driftwood style finish which has a more classic English coastal theme.

Wooden Wall Lamp

Rustic Wood Table Lamp

Driftwood Lamp

Combine these rustic wooden pieces with woven wicker and rattan to add texture to the room. Wicker baskets are great for storing wood for the log burner or blankets for those cooler nights. Or add wicker to your lighting style.

Wicker shelf basket

Wicker basket

Rattan ceiling light

Light and Airy Furniture

By selecting furniture with light, clean lines you will maintain the brightness of your room. It will prevent the space from becoming too cluttered and provide a balance to the coastal accessories.

Wood and steel coffee table


Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Muted Colour Palette

Your colour palette is the essential part of bringing together your coastal look home. You want washed out and neutral colours. While your light walls will do most of the work, by selecting soft furnishings and accessories in the same palette you will perfect the look.

Add in the occasional sea-themed shape and you'll be able to smell the sea breeze in no time.

Decorative Hanging Fish

Stone Fish Bowl

Rustic Frame

Bird Feather Cushion