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Is your home at risk of becoming a bland, clear box or grey or white walls and the same design aesthetic as every photo you see on instagram? Are you living in a design cliche that doesn't reflect who you are and what your family is about? Are you struggling to bring personality into your home?

Do not worry, Des Res Home is here to help because if there is one thing we have in abundance it is personal flair. And this is what you need to add to your home to make it less Ikea showroom and more home with soul.

A good starting place is to read this article in The Times.

Let's unpack what these experts are saying about our homes:

Show off your flair

If something moves you, then buy it. You will keep it forever. The same for pieces that remind you of a certain place, time or person. These are the objects in your home that say something about YOU rather than your spending habits. Find the unique items that aren't found in the nearest home store. Rummage jumble sales for that special find, travel to markets when you're on holiday, use the independent stores who stock pieces you love.

ceramic stem vase

Wooden Heart Plate


Include life

Sharing some of your life in your home is essential. Think books, art, textiles, and furnishing. These need to reflect just the right amount of your personality. Don't be afraid to mix up different styles and influences. A white room with sleek geometric lines will gain warmth with a variety of textures and additional soft furnishings. Hide your clutter in storage and share what matters.

Stag cushion interior deco
Gold Storage

Clash well

If you are going for a clash of styles then make sure you clash well. This means getting your colours right. Start with your main colour choice and then find the right accent colour to complement it. Don't choose too many pieces from the same colour palette or style. Create a mood board to see how the final look will work.

We like creating a stylishly elegant look in our own home as we have a period property and it works well with clashing furniture. In fact, no two things in our living room looks the same but it really works. Here is a sneak peek of our living room. It still looks relaxed and elegant. Everything we buy is for keeps.



Lighting is key to any room or home. You want to have your lighting at different levels throughout the room and to make sure your bulbs are warm in colour. Colder colour lights can be used in the kitchen but elsewhere in the home you want to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Consider your table and floor lamps alongside your pendant ceiling lights. They don't all need to match. In fact, it looks better if they complement each other instead. You'll find a range of lights at Des Res that aren't available in your average store because we only source products that we love.

Black Parrot Lamp