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Black and white bedrooms have a strong look that maintains its timeless style.  Whether you go for all monochrome or pull in some accent colours, getting your black and white bedroom right will mean you can update your accessories as your tastes change over the years. Everything goes with black, right?

Pulling together a black and white bedroom is not as simple as it might first seem. It can go disastrously wrong. Including a few key pieces to bring the room together is better than going all out monochrome.

White Rooms

Select your whites with care. Whites can make a room seem bigger and lighter but too much white and you're in danger of making it feel cold and sterile. Get lots of tester pots if you are painting white walls and check how bright your lightbulbs are. You want your bedroom to be a place of relaxation rather than bright and energising.   The right white is the difference between a stark room and a stunner.

White floor lamp

Add black accessories

Signature accessories are a simple way to include black into your bedroom design without it being too cold. A table lamp such as our black parrot lamps nicely brings the theme together.

Black Parrot Table Lamp


Think about a range of textures in the room and how you have fit your monochrome accessories into this. If you had all your hard surfaces white and soft furnishings black then you would have a flat looking bedroom. Mixing them up will give your bedroom a depth to it.

Black Crane Ornament

Black Pendant Lights

A simple swap for your light shades is one of the quickest ways to bring in a monochrome look to your room. This is especially useful if you already have neutral walls.

Black and gold dome pendant lights


Black Barn Pendant Light

White Accessories

Your walls don't have to be white to achieve a monochrome look. A grey wall will soften the black slightly and we are seeing more of this coming into home interior design. If you are using darker walls then think about how your white accessories could work within the space.

Large White Pendant Light

Two White Lampshades

Natural Light

When putting black and white bedroom ideas together, you want to consider how much natural light your bedroom gets. North-facing bedrooms will have a colder light to them. These rooms would work better with darker walls and lighter accessories. Or select warmer coloured light bulbs and whites.

Southern-facing bedrooms will have a warmer light coming in and so will work better with whiter walls.


Don't dismiss the greys. These can help soften the look of the room while still maintaining the overall theme. Use them sparingly throughout your bedroom.

Grey Stag Cushion


Finally, the added touch of greenery works incredibly well in a monochrome bedroom. Bursts of plants around the room will make it seem lighter and colourful without the need to embrace the colour wheel.

As always, Pinterest is a great place to create a mood board and see how your monochrome dreams can come together. We have two boards that might help you find some inspiration. Our white board is here and our black board here.