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Ah the humble wicker basket, so versatile. Wicker basket planting is perfect for trees, flowers, and shrubs. Whether you are looking to add some plants to your garden, make your hotel or pub look more welcoming or to create a green space for your patio, we have our best six tips for getting the most out of your planter.

Wicker baskets make brilliant planters because they are made from natural materials. This means they can move and they can breathe. These are essentially living with your plants which is one of the reasons why they make great planters. They just look fab in the great outdoors.

Unlike plastic pots, wicker baskets are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. They will, of course, eventually decompose but not for many, many years.

We particularly love what some of our customers have done with our baskets over the years. Have a look at these which have made their new hotel home a more colourful place to be.

Basket selection

It is crucial that you select the right wicker basket for the job. Not all baskets are created equal and not all wicker has the same depth. When selecting your wicker basket, look for ones where the strands are at least 1.5cm thick. Often baskets sold are much thinner than this but they just won't do the job you need them to do when planting outdoors.

Large Round Wicker Planter


A bit like chips, baskets are better with the skin on. Skin-on rattan will help weather-proof your basket and increase its longevity. The rattan skin provides a layer between your basket and the rain, it also helps strengthen the material.

Large Rectangle Wicker Basket

Smooth finish

You want your wicker basket to be tightly woven, with smooth rounded edges. Wicker that has bits sticking out is a sign of a lesser quality basket. It can also cause snagging when you are moving the basket around, can catch things and it simply doesn't look as neat.

Square Wicker Basket

Basket lining

It is tempting to line your basket with plastic but aside from not being environmentally friendly, it will quickly go brittle. Jute is a better choice as this will allow your plants to breath and for any water to drain away.

Lined Wicker Basket


While thinking about drainage, fill the bottom of your basket with gravel, stones or broken pots. This is the perfect use for those chipped plates you've been meaning to clear out in your spring clean. Mix them up in with the gravel. It creates a layer between the soil and the basket, therefore extending the life of the basket.

Wicker Basket on Wheels

Rest your basket on feet

Baskets get pretty heavy when filled with soil and plants so resting them on some feet make it easier to move should you need to. We do a great range of baskets on wheels which make it far easier to move.

Wicker Planters

Finally, we place the quality of our wicker baskets in high regard. Each basket is personally checked before we ship them out to our customers to ensure they meet the Des Res Home quality control.

Our planters can come pre-lined and on wheels. We stock all sizes and shapes to meet your gardening needs. Check them out here.