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This year’s interiors are all about colour, colour, colour!

Here at DesRes, we’re way ahead of the game. We’ve never been afraid of using colour to create a unique and energised space, and have sourced a bountiful array of striking products to brighten any interior whatever your style.

Don’t worry if you’ve already restyled to last year's soft greys, off whites, and cool beiges. Jazz it up with a mix of complimentary brights, and combine with bold patterns, large-scale artwork, textures and solids.

You can opt for hues of your favourite accent colour, or combine vibrant shades at differing ends of the colour spectrum, from deep indigo to terracotta orange. And although not strictly classed as colours, white and black still play a major part in this year’s palette.

Be bold, be daring, be energetic, be playful!

Let your individual and colourful personality shine throughout your home and garden.


We’d love to see how you play with colour this year – post your pictures on our Facebook page and inspire others to get creative.

And don't forget to follow us as we keep you up to date with new style trends, and show you how to mix daring colours and combine with confident patterns.

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