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Easter Decorations

Hanging Speckled Birds Egg With Feathers DesRes Home

Gold Hanging Bird Decoration

Gold Bird Ornament

Gold Bird Ornament

Very 'Tweet...

Decorative Hanging Birds egg With Feathers DesRes Home

Hanging Silver Birds Egg DesRes Home

Hanging Rabbit Ornament DesRes Home

Hanging Rabbit Ornament

Another Peter Rabbit...


Decorated Silver Birds Egg Ornament DesRes Home

Decorated Silver Birds Egg Ornament Large DesRes Home

Easter is a wonderful time in our yearly calendar and what better way to celebrate than with our uber gorgeous Easter decorations. Simple and delicate decorations that can be used on Easter wreaths to hang from branches, Easter Trees, door knobs and pictures. Pretty ornaments that can be used as table decorations, place holders (our speckled bird's eggs would look cute hanging on the back of a chair) or make beautiful Easter gifts for someone special or someone who loves to decorate their home.

The DesRes Home Easter Collection brings delicate hanging bird's eggs, Easter rabbits and very pretty, decorated silver ornamental eggs that will look wonderful all year round. Decorate your home in Scandinavian style - pretty and simple and then welcome Spring and your friends into your home.