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Square Wicker Basket With Lid


Great Size...

Super quality Square wicker basket with lid in a natural colour. Take a look at the quality of the wicker, thick, smooth and tightly woven which makes these big wicker baskets perfect for outside baskets to store logs or as planters.

The large square wicker planter comes with a lid and inset handles making it easy to carry, the small square basket has no lid and no handles but is still easy to move around. 

The lidded basket would make an excellent laundry basket or for storing toys or shoes. As it's strong and sturdy it'll cope easily with toys and shoes being thrown in it.

As one slots into the other, it's cheaper to purchase as a pair.

Why Buy Me

Great quality, sturdy, hard wearing baskets that can be used outdoors lasting much longer than the average wicker basket.

The large basket with it's lid makes it a good option as a laundry basket or for storing toys or shoes.

Great value baskets.

Large Basket With Lid H63 x W65 x D65cm

Height without lid H57cm

Small Basket No Lid   H48 x W53 x D53cm

All baskets are handmade and will therefore naturally have a variance in size and colour. This can be by a few cms but in general the sizes shown are a good average of the size given by our suppliers.

The colour variance is due to the rattan/wicker being from a living plant and each plant is individual.

When customers are purchasing multiples of baskets, we endeavour to make sure that the size and colour are as close as possible to each other, but this cannot be guaranteed and is the beauty of choosing to have a handmade basket in your home.

The charge for shipping a basket is for one basket.

If multiple baskets are ordered then you will be contacted regarding the absolute price for dispatch.

Please note that if different sized baskets are order and they 'fit into each other' then you will be charged for only the large sized basket providing the weight limit for this basket size isn't exceeded.

If mulitiple baskets of the same size are ordered then the cost will be a discounted multiple basket charge and you will be notified of the amount.

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